The Importance Of Comedy In Society

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘comedy’? Satire, good sense of humor and laughter. All of this added together makes comedy and lightens up your mood. Our lives without comedy are undoubtedly incomplete. Attend a two hour long lecture on your least favorite subject and you will get bored. But once your Instructor incorporates comedy into his lecture, you are certainly going to enjoy it. Comedy indeed plays a very important role in our social lives. Young adults admire comedians and enjoy comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live in the US and local Indian shows such as the kapil sharma show. Our funniest friend is always our favorite and no reunion of friends is complete without that one funny pal. Seriousness of any conversation can be taken away by comedy which is a plus point. When you come back home in a cranky mood from a hectic day at office and your significant other or any family member cracks a joke, your mood is instantly lightens and you feel a little less gloomy and a little brighter.

A mighty sitcom bursting with juicy ideas and energy, The Bernie Mac Show may remind you how puny and derivative most comedies have become. Mac is a Chicago-based stand-up comedian in his 40s whose ferocious act has made him a favorite among black audiences; whites might remember Mac as the heavy hitter who batted cleanup — after Steve Harvey, D.L. Hugely, and Cedric the Entertainer — in the 2000 concert film The Original Kings of Comedy. There, as a big-shouldered man stalking the stage, spewing jokes in a shotgun spray, conveying outrage by opening his large eyes until they seemed ready to pop out, Mac was like a truth barometer. He spoke candidly about male-female relationships and the need to discipline unruly children; he worked the arena by heckling late arrivals and ad-libbing profane reactions to the crowd’s genial catcalls. Social sciences say that by cracking jokes you can befriend people more quickly. The importance of comedy can be realized by noticing that universities organize ice-breaking sessions among students so that they can get to know each other quickly. In these ice-breaking sessions 'comedy' plays a vital role.The one-hour show includes a hidden Q&A session (accessible only after watching through the end credits of the special) and is themed around Chappelle’s reaction to what he calls “celebrity hunting season.” The special has divided Chappelle’s fans and peers, with some prominent voices rushing to Chappelle’s defense as others express their reservations about the limits of comedy that targets the vulnerable. Furthermore; an experiment was conducted between two groups of people to study their moods, one group was given a comedy podcast to hear and the other group was made to hear a serious podcast.

It was noticed, that the latter group had elevated level of mood. While, the former had serious level of graveness in their mood. Now, another example of the importance of comedy in people's lives. You notice that your boss is in a rather gloomy mood but you really need an early leave because it is your wife's birthday. So what do you do? You crack a joke to lighten up the atmosphere as well as your boss's mood so he grants you an early leave. Moreover; when people have their loved ones in hospitals and they go to attend to them, they feel the pain of the hospital blues in their eyes. But to make their loved ones feel at home, they use comedy to freshen their moods and make them lively once again. Apart from this, a study was held between teenagers about their preferences. And it was noticed, that a rather significant strength of students seemed to choose comedy movies as their first preferences over any other genre. The above discussion tells us what exactly comedy is and its significance. Studies reveal that positive humor has a positive effect on one's mental health and helps in reducing anxiety and depression to an extent. Humour is very important in overall well-being of a person's mental health and comedy and fun should not be taken out of a person's life.